🏆 Awards

🎖️Influential Papers

  • 🔗 A VLIW Architecture for a Trace Scheduling Compiler
      ASPLOS 1987 — Robert P. Colwell, Robert P. Nix, John J. O’Donnell, David B. Papworth, Paul K. Rodman.
  • 🔗 The Cache Performance and Optimizations of Blocked Algorithms
      ASPLOS 1991 — Monica S. Lam, Edward E. Rothberg, Michael E. Wolf.
  • 🔗 Improving the Accuracy of Dynamic Branch Prediction Using Branch Correlation
      ASPLOS 1992 — Shien-Tai Pan, Kimming So, Joseph T. Rahmeh.
  • 🔗 Value Locality and Load Value Prediction
      ASPLOS 1996 — Mikko H. Lipasti, Christopher B. Wilkerson, John Paul Shen.

🎖️Distinguished Papers

  • 🔗 Who’s Debugging the Debuggers? Exposing Debug Information Bugs in Optimized Binaries
  • 🔗 Computing with Time: Microarchitectural Weird Machines
  • 🔗 Autonomous NIC Offloads
  • 🔗 VSync: Push-Button Verification and Optimization for Synchronization Primitives on Weak Memory Models
  • 🔗 Neural Architecture Search as Program Transformation Exploration
  • 🔗 Compiler-Driven FPGA Virtualization with SYNERGY

🎖️Distinguished Artifacts

  • 🔗 Benchmarking, analysis, and optimization of serverless function snapshots
  • 🔗 Fast, Flexible and Comprehensive Bug Detection for Persistent Memory Programs