Ask a Program Chair

Hosted by: Emery Berger (UMass Amherst) and Christos Kozyrakis (Stanford)
Tuesday April 20th 8am PDT

Publishing in a conference such as ASPLOS can be an amazing opportunity, and literally hundreds of people have donated countless hours of their time to help bring you some of the most important computing advances in the world.  Whether you publish in SIGARCH, SIGOPS, and/or SIGPLAN venues often, or this is the very first conference you have attended, this session is an opportunity to speak directly with the the 2021 ASPLOS Program Chairs.  While the Program Chairs do not make any decisions about individual papers, they help steer the process of decision making and this is a great chance to ask about how it works and how we can do it better in the future.

Industrial research in 2021

Hosted by: Ricardo Bianchini (Microsoft), Carole-Jean Wu (Facebook AI Research), Azalia Mirhoseini (Google Brain), Ranjita Bhagwan (MSR India), John Carter (IBM Cloud), Dejing Dou (Baidu Research)
Friday April 23rd 8am PDT

Industrial research is often a bit of a mystery to academics, so many questions come up.  For example, how closely do industrial researchers work with product groups?  How does this interaction happen and what are its typical outcomes?  How much research are product groups themselves doing today?  Do academic researchers heavily influence industry?  As an academic, how can I compete with industrial research labs when they have so much more data and equipment?  How can academics collaborate with industrial researchers?  This panel will discuss the state of industrial research in 2021 and address these and other questions from the audience.  Ultimately, we will attempt to provide a clear picture of the different flavors of industrial research, the various interactions with product groups, and provide examples of collaborations between industrial and academic researchers.