ASPLOS is the premier forum for interdisciplinary systems research, intersecting computer architecture, hardware and emerging technologies, programming languages and compilers, operating systems, and networking. The 27th edition of the ASPLOS conference will be in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Announcing the awards for ASPLOS 2022. Congrats to all authors!

Influential Paper Awards
Design and Evaluation of a Compiler Algorithm for Prefetching, Todd C. Mowry, Monica S. Lam, Anoop Gupta, ASPLOS 1992.
Learning from Mistakes: A Comprehensive Study on Real World Concurrency Bug Characteristics, Shan Lu, Soyeon Park, Eunsoo Seo, Yuanyuan Zhou, ASPLOS 2008.
Rethinking the Library OS from the Top Down, Donald E. Porter, Silas Boyd-Wickizer, John Howell, Reuben Olinsky, Galen C. Hunt, ASPLOS 2011.
Best Paper Awards
JSONSki: Streaming Semi-Structured Data with Bit-Parallel Fast-Forwarding, Lin Jiang and Zhijia Zhao.
TMO: Transparent Memory Offloading in Datacenters, Johannes Weiner, Niket Agarwal, Dan Schatzberg, Leon Yang, Hao Wang, Blaise Sanouillet, Bikash Sharma, Tejun Heo, Mayank Jain, Chunqiang Tang, and Dimitrios Skarlatos.
A Tree Clock Data Structure for Causal Orderings in Concurrent Executions, Umang Mathur, Andreas Pavlogiannis, Hünkar Can Tunç, and Mahesh Viswanathan.
Understanding and exploiting optimal function inlining, Theodoros Theodoridis, Thobias Grosser, and Zhendong Su.
Distinguished Artifact Awards
FlexOS: Towards Flexible OS Isolation, Hugo Lefeuvre, Vlad-Andrei Bădoiu, Alexander Jung, Stefan Lucian Teodorescu, Sebastian Rauch, Felipe Huici, Costin Raiciu, and Pierre Olivier.
ValueExpert: Exploring Value Patterns in GPU-accelerated Applications, Keren Zhou, Yueming Hao, John Mellor-Crummey, Xiaozhu Meng, and Xu Liu.
Finding Missed Optimizations through the Lens of Dead Code Elimination Artifact, Theodoros Theodoridis, Manuel Rigger, and Zhendong Su.

ASPLOS’23 CFP is up!

The Swiss government has removed the majority of COVID restrictions as of February 17, 2022. Vaccine passes are no longer required in public spaces. Wearing masks is still required in public transport, but masks are no longer required in public places, including shops and restaurants. The ASPLOS’22 organizing committee has decided to continue requiring vaccination for attendance and recommends wearing masks for all attendees throughout the event as originally planned for safety measures.  However, as a result of the lifted restrictions, attendees will no longer be required to sit at tables during the coffee breaks and session chairs and presenters can remove their masks.

ASPLOS’22 will be in person with most of the program and all three keynotes being held on site. We will provide remote attendance with online Q&A for the entire program including the workshops and tutorials. Those who cannot present on site will have a pre-recorded presentation with online Q&A during the conference. A few workshops/tutorials and VEE have moved online due to the COVID travel constraints for organizers. Monday is currently only virtual. Most workshops/tutorials (including several from Monday) will be held on Tuesday in person with remote attendance.

We look forward to seeing you either in person or online at ASPLOS’22!

ASPLOS 2021 website is here.